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Entry #1


2014-05-31 15:42:30 by s1ckenin

 Welcome to my account, s1ckenin. I am starting out on this website, Newgrounds, to hopefully start something.

 About Myself :

  • I am an aspiring artist.
  • I am having an O.K. life
  • I ENJOY drawing, but it is difficult
  • I do Let's Plays on an old channel I made with a friend (we are/were just starting and are having some difficulties right now)
  • I am a gamer.

How to Contact Me :

  • You can either send me a message on Newgrounds, but I won't answer immediately
  • You can send me an email, which again I won't answer immediately

What I am doing :

  • I am just here to have fun, post art, and hopefully start something
  • I want to make fans and friends on this website, as dumb as that may sound.
  • Having fun

How to stay up-to-date :

  • Be a fan and favorite my stuff

I guess thats all I have to say. So please, enjoy what I make and have fun.